Novelty Toys complete with Candy

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Ambulance c/w Candy
Pull back Action AMBULANCE complete with candy. ..
Beauty Girl c/w Candy (12 x 45g)
10.5cm Doll complete with Comb, Mirror and Jelly Beans. (12 x 45g)...
Car Water-Gun c/w Candy
25g Novelty Car that shoots water.  Comes Complete with Candy...
Cola Water Gun c/w Candy(35g)
Water shooter in the design of a "Cola Bottle", complete with Candy. ..
Cool Bikes c/w Candy (12 x 56g)
A "Cool" (Harley Davidson Lookalike) Cruiser Motor Bike c/w Jelly Beans. (12 x 56g)...
Pull Back Action, Formular One Racing Car c/w Candy (20 x 26g)...
Very Fashionable 15cm Collectable Doll c/w Jelly Beans (12 x 42g)...
Friction-Driven Build Truck(117g)
117g Friction Driven Build Truck comes with a moveable Dozer attachment and Candy in the "Cement Mix..
Friction-Driven Fire Truck 60g
Friction Driven Fire Truck complete with Candy..
Jewellry Box c/w Candy (9 x 132g)
Jewelley box comes with 2 ceramic rings and jelly beans (9 x 132g)...
A Delightful 9cm Doll comes in a protective cylinder and a small packet of Jelly Beans...
Pull - Back Road Sweeper(105g)
Pull Back Motion Road Sweeper, complete with Candy Tipper...
Super Racer c/w Candy (12 x 60g)
Super Racer 10 x 6 cm with pull back action and comes with jelly beans (12 x 60g)...
Sweet Girl Handbag c/w Candy (12 x 24g)
9 x 6 cm Durable Sweet Girl Handbag, complete with a choice of imitation pearl neclace & 2 rings, or..
Water - Gun Candy 38g
90 x 85mm Water Gun complete with Candy..
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