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Sour Apple & Lemon Nerds 46.7g x24
Wonka's Sour Apple & Lemon Nerds are a tiny, tangy crunchy candy. 46.7g x 24..
Wild Cherry & Watermelon Nerds 46.7g x36
Wonka's Wild Cherry & Watermelon Nerds are a Tiny, Tangy crunchy candy. 46.7g x 36..
Wildberry & Peach Nerds 46.7g
Wonka's Wildberry & Peach Nerds are a Tiny, Tangy crunchy candy. 46.7g x 36..
Wonka Bottle Caps 170g x12
Wonka Bottle Caps feeds our imaginations with candy that tastes like soda pops. The flavours that fe..
Wonka Chewy Spree
Hard Chewy Candies bursting with a Tangy Fruit Flavour. ..
Wonka Chewy Spree Mixed Berry
Packed Full of Berry Gooness - Sure to Give Your Tastebuds a Blast...
Wonka Double Dipped Nerds 46.7g x36
Wonka's Double Dipped Nerds are a Tiny, Tangy Crunchy Candy. The Double Dipped Nerds have 4 deliciou..
Wonka Everlasting Gobstopper
Everlasting Gobstopper - Jawbreakers that change colours and flavours..
Wonka Fun Dip
Three pouches of lick and dip candy powder with an edible dip stick 24 x 42.5g..
Wonka Giant Chewy Nerds 51g x24
Wonka's 51g GIANT Chewy Nerds have a Bumpalicious shell and a chewilicious jellybean centre. 51g x 2..
Wonka Giant Gumballs c/w nerds 65g
enjoy these Golf Ball Sized Fruit flavored gumballs which are loaded with real Wonka Nerds candy...
Wonka Giant Pixy Sticks 28.3g
Wonka's Classic Favourite GIant Pixy Sticks 100 x 28.3g..
Wonka Gumball Tube 46g
Wonka Gumball Tube 46g (5 pieces) loaded with Real Nerds...
Wonka Kazoozles Chewy Candy 51g x24
Wonka's Kazoozles is a delicious chewy candy. Two Cherry Ropes with Punch Filling. 51g x 24..
Wonka Kazoozles Strawberry / Watermelon
Kazoozles-  Delicious Chewy Candy By Wonka 24 x 51g..
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